Wednesday, April 19, 2006

iTunes Now Has Video!

The Best Jukebox : The Number One Download Store

iTunes now offers over 3,000 music videos and select television shows. This is added to the two million and counting songs it already has in its data base!

Always your one-stop music shop, the iTunes Music Store features music videos and TV shows to buy and own forever. So while you browse more than 2 million songs, 35,000 podcasts and more than 16,000 audiobooks, you can also preview and download that classic '80s video or the latest episode of "The Office." Watch everything from the comfort of your Mac or PC, as many times as you like. No stuttering video streams, no advertisements, no hassle. Then sync all your songs and videos to the new iPod and take them with you wherever you go. Grow your digital music and video collection fast, easy and legal at iTunes

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Best Rated Laptops of 2006

This year’s best rated laptops seem to have one thing in common. They are all called Apples. They have taken this honor from several leading computing and electronics magazines, and the trends in sales seem to suggest that consumers are feeling the same warm way about them, too.

"Presenting MacBook Pro, the most revolutionary notebook in Mac history."

Laptops such as the PowerBook and iBook have helped Apple stand tall among the other major players in the computing world, such as Dell, IBM, Compaq, and HP. In 2004 alone, Apple announced that it had an overall net income growth of 300 percent. That equaled a profit of $295 million in the last quarter. If you own Apple stock, that must make you smile.

Single computer model sales show the same trend. For instance, the iPod desktop version disappeared off the shelves at the rate of 4.5 million per year. The iMac tripled its sales. It share of the international market may still be lagging behind, though. Dell still has top honors with 18 percent of the world market. HP comes in a close second with 16 percent. And in a distant third, IBM brings in 6 percent of the share.

Still, Apple is getting the press lately that could put a dent in those figures. First of all, Apple won the 2004 Readers’ Choice Award for the brand with the most impact on an international scale. It beat out Google, which had been the winner for two years running.

No matter what awards for best rated laptops or percentages of the world market that Apple acquires in the next few years, you can rest assured that the company will continue to put out the innovative high quality products that are its signature.

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Just take the software that is featured on its Apple laptops and desktops. Such marvels of application design as iPhoto and iTunes make Apple so popular just because these programs are so useful yet so easy to use. Try saying that about the software that comes standard with most other MP3 players or digital cameras. It’s this simplicity and power that make Apples some of the best rated laptops around.

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Upgrading the Sound on your Home Computer

Computers these days are becoming more than just an avenue to surf the web and do word processing. They are becoming multimedia stations that allow us to watch movies and listen to the latest music. Especially with new solutions such as renting DVD's online and pay per download music downloading programs. This is why having good sound on your computer is important for the best possible multimedia experience.

There are two ways you can increase the quality of sound coming from your computer. I will discuss both.

The first would be to upgrade, or get a new, sound card for your computer. The quality of the sound signal being sent from your computer is determined by the sound card. Also the amount of channels that are being sent, and the number of connectivity options you have. This is why having a good quality sound card is important. There are several cards on the market that can deliver a great listening experience.

The second way to enhance your sound quality would be to get a quality set of speakers. There are an infinite number of options you have in this regards. You can get a standard 2 speaker system, a 2.1 speaker system (2 speakers and a subwoofer), a 4.1 system and the ultimated 5.1 system. The most enhancing system would be the 5.1 system.

Multimedia Speakers

The 5.1 system consists of 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer will deliver the bass and the low frequency sounds. The other speakers would be positioned strategically around the room to give the best array of sounds.

Computers today are not the simple machines they were years ago. They have the capabilities to be a lot more. With this in mind utilizing these capabilities will be very cost effective. Now you do not need to buy a stereo system and a television. A computer can fulfill both these duties.

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