Thursday, October 12, 2006

Speed Up That Older Computer Before You Buy a New One

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Many people buy new computers because their current one starts running slow. With rapidly increasing processor speeds and larger amounts of memory becoming cheaper, spending a few hundred dollars does not seem so bad if it will get you back to the speed you are used to. But, any reliable computer technician will tell you that even a five or six year old computer can still run reasonably fast if it's tuned up properly.

For a computer a tune up is almost entirely software related. Every time you install a program or visit a website or download anything, there are changes made to your system that, over time, can drag performance down to a crawl. One quick way to check your systems health is to look at your resources as follows:

1. Right-click on the taskbar (this is the solid area to the left of the Start button) and choose Task Manager.

2. Click on the Performance tab and look at CPU Usage and Physical Memory Available.

3. If the CPU is running more than 15% and you have no other programs running, you may have a hidden process running in the background. Click on the Processes tab and click on the CPU column to show the item using the most of your processor. If the name of the process is unfamiliar, look it up at for a better definition.

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4. You can follow the same procedure if you find that memory available is low.

A very common cause of memory and CPU usage is spyware or malware. These are hidden programs that get installed inadvertently when you download something or try a "free" software program. If you suspect that you have some of this unwanted software, the good news is that you can usually remove it completely and gain back a lot of performance.

A search on for "spyware removal" or "adware removal" will give you many options of tools to clean this unwanted software from your computer. Most of them are free and are very effective.

Another alternative is to re-install the operating system, but that will require re-installation of all programs and documents. Just make sure you have everything backed up to CD, tape or an external drive before you try this. Most home computers today commonly contain important documents and digital pictures that may be irreplaceable if lost.

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Sean Graver is the author of many articles on computer troubleshooting for both desktop and server platforms. He is the Lead Systems Engineer for a software company in Redmond, WA managing datacenter operations in the US, UK and Australia. His computer experience extends back the late 70's and he regularly works with small business owners to automate repetitive process and streamline operations. Please visit his website,

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Do You Need a Doctor For Your Computer?

Over time, errors and bugs slowly creep into a computer's system, making it run slowly. It is just an un-avoidable fact of computer life.

What happens is this: your registry software (the registry is a central database of information needed to configure your computer system for general settings and preferences, software applications, and hardware drivers and devices) gets corrupted each time you use your computer. This leads eventually to application and operating system crashes. Doesn't sound too good does it! Fortunately there are products available to address this serious issue.

In choosing a registry fix software, it needs to be both easy to use and highly functional; both are important.

Another important aspect to consider is that you don't want the registry fix software to leave your computer actually worse off than when you started. And some do, despite protestations to the contrary. So when choosing software, this is an important factor.

So, should you buy registry software for your computer? Yes, if you have been using it more than six months, or noticed a reduction in speed, or regular computer crashes or seizers. Failure to address this problem could result in a total melt down of your computer.

It is a little known but very real problem all computer users will face sooner or later.

Copyright Gary Martin 2006

Gary Martin is a successful, fulltime affiliate marketer. Did you find this article useful? If you are experiencing minor or major computer problems, such as freezing, or crashing, or even if you would like to keep your computer system running efficiently, this is the registery software that I personally use and recommend: ErrorDoctor

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Being Tied To Your Desk By Your Computer?

Well don't let it drive you crazy! Get yourself a laptop and feel the freedom you deserve!

Buy a DELL Laptop Now!

At first glance, the most obvious benefit from owning a laptop computer, as opposed to a desktop computer, is that a laptop is smaller and portable. Of course, if you have a desktop computer you will naturally be tied to your desk when ever you have to do some work on your computer.

Laptops make it possible for people to take their work with them on the road. When you go through any airport terminal you will see business people, as well as your average person, happily typing away on their portable laptop computer. This was unthinkable just twenty years ago.

I remember seeing "portable" computers somewhere around 1983 which were as large as your desktop computers today. Having portable computability has major advantages for many types of individuals including college students. College students may now sit in class and take copious amounts of notes and study them at their leisure back at the dorm.

You can now get laptop computers with as much firepower as the first computers had that took up a whole room. I believe that a typical laptop today also has more computing capabilities than the first space shuttle on board computers. So, give yourself some portability and go get yourself a laptop computer.

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Steve McArthur

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

LCD Computer Monitors are Stylish and High-Quality

The LCD Monitor is all the rage--but are they worth the price? Read below and decide for yourself--

By Jason Gluckman

Liquid crystal display monitors have taken the computer industry by storm. To own a sleek and thin LCD monitor has become a status symbol among computer users. Manufacturers across the world are trying to roll out this compact monitor to fulfill the growing demand for this stylish and high-quality image-producing product.

Unlike CRT monitors, the LCD panels are only an inch thick without including the stand. These consume less power and don’t radiate a lot of heat when used. Moreover, they are popular because of their sharper digital display. A digital display will knock off the irritating ghosting effect and deliver sharp picture quality.

An LCD monitor has a very compact configuration. This gives a clearer picture and adds to the entertainment of watching movies or videos on the screen. Its slim size enables it to fit easily into less spacious places, making it the perfect choice for small offices or homes.

LCD display screens or monitors are quite expensive, which makes it difficult for everyone to choose it above the affordable CRT. You may have to shell out $300 for a 15-inch LCD monitor, whereas for a 17-inch CRT monitor you pay only around $100.

The normal CRT monitor is very sturdy and will not crumble under minor wear and tear while in use. On the other hand, the LCD screens are extremely fragile and have to be handled carefully.

The 3D images of an LCD screen are blurry and unclear when the objects on the screen are moving. Hence, gaming enthusiasts prefer CRT over LCD screens. Graphic designers also prefer the CRT over the LCD. Furthermore, the color gradations are not clear in the LCD panel, and it poses problems in differentiating between darker shades, creating practical problems for graphic designers.

So they are small and sleek, I like the idea, actually I love the idea of the size! I use a Dell LCD Monitor at work and the picture seems great to me. I know I will have one on my next computer! A1-Computers--

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  • Monday, May 29, 2006

    Where's My PC Card Slot?

    The ExpressCard slot--a new standard as of 2003--replaces the PC Card slot but doesn't accommodate current PC Cards.

    Tom Mainelli
    From the July 2006 issue of PC World magazine
    Posted Friday, May 26, 2006
    As Reported on PC

    Technology is always on the move--and sometimes it moves faster than we'd like. Recently, with the arrival of the ExpressCard slot, some unsuspecting notebook buyers have experienced that phenomenon first-hand. Based on a standard announced in 2003, the ExpressCard slot replaces today's PC Card slot, improving performance and using thinner, lighter cards. Unfortunately, it can't support today's PC Cards.

    What does that fact mean to you? If your new notebook has only an ExpressCard slot, you'll have to replace all of your existing PC Card-based hardware--such as Wi-Fi cards, memory card readers, and port adapters. Otherwise, if you're in the market for a new notebook and need a standard PC Card slot, you can still find a unit that offers both slot types.

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    Wednesday, May 17, 2006

    The All New 13-inch Mac Book!

    May 16, 2006


    Just announced this morning; the all new Mac Book This one is said to be supper fast for blogging, podcasting, well it can do everything out of the box! It has up to 2GHz of pure Intel Core Duo processing power, and an iSight camera, Front Row, iLife 06' and a glossy widescreen display measureing 13 inches accross!

    Be the first to have the New Mac Book it will do more than we thought possible!

    13-inch black 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo MacBook for as low as $35 a month.

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    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    You Can Save Hundreds When Buying A Dell Computer

    Are you looking to buy a new Dell Computer? If so here are some tips you should know about first; it will be worth at least a few hundred dollars to you!

    Dell only sells through Dell, no middlemen; also, they do not have much over-head because they do not make a single computer until it is ordered. Because of these two reasons Dell can sell for less than most computer makers.

    Dell uses various advertising venues to let you know about their low prices; television, catalogs, newspaper ads. Have you ever noticed that depending on where you see the ad the prices very greatly even though the systems are the same?

    At A Glance

    1. The Internet has the best deals for Dell Computers
    2. Do your research to find the right model for your needs with a buying guide
    3. Read reviews of your selected model(s)
    4. Search for Dell Coupon Code websites, make sure they are current by checking the
    expiration dates
    5. Make your purchase, down grade where needed
    6. Apply dell coupon at checkout

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    Monday, May 08, 2006

    The Facts About Wireless Laptops

    Laptops give you unbelievable portability for all of your computing needs, but as the need for communication grows more each day you need a computer that will keep you in touch. There are many options for portable computing. Laptops now come in many different sizes to match your specific needs. Large or small screens are the

    biggest factor affecting the size of a laptop. Extra options like media drives and larger batteries will add overall weight to laptops. The current trend for any traveler is to get the smallest computer that will get the job done. Airports have wireless internet access available, so a wireless network or wi-fi card is a good option. Large screens used to be popular but strict travel regulations have caused many people to get smaller screens. This will make the computer easier to deal with at security check points.

    Major reasons for the trend in “less is more” with laptop computers, is that they have become simply more of a tool and less of a novelty. Most basic computers are very capable in running any business application and have the necessary options for general use. Basic laptops have also dropped in price dramatically. The options have become the expensive part as competition grows fierce to have the lowest priced computer available. People are now buying computers more frequently with less options because it is more cost effective that buying the newest technology.

    Fast processors and large hard drives start out very expensive and quickly become standard features on basic laptops. You can keep more up to date by getting a new laptop every two years instead of getting the newest technology and trying to make it last for 4 years. Anyways, most laptops show a performance loss after about two years if the hard drive is not defragmented and formatted. It may not sound cheaper to buy a computer more often, but it also what you buy. Doing a little shopping around and assessing what you really need in a computer can save you the money that you need to buy one more often.

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    Tuesday, May 02, 2006

    Computer User's Guide to Spyware

    As with the computer virus, spyware can be broken down into a number of different categories. Most users are familiar with the term “adware” which refers to software which serves annoying ads. There are however a number of other spyware variants you should be aware of.

    To begin with it is important to have a clear definition of spyware. This will also help us understand why the term is commonly used to encompass a number of different variants. Spyware is a program, usually installed without your knowledge, which records what you do on your computer and then shares it with its creator.

    The information which the spyware program collects can vary from the websites you visit to log-in and passwords for your online banking site. The sharing of your personal information with a third party is why spyware in its purest form is labelled as a malicious threat and clearly is a major privacy issue.

    Adware is the second mostly commonly used term. Adware is designed to display adverts relevant you, commonly based on your surfing habits, to generate Pay-Per-Click advertising revenue or sales through affiliate links. Adware is commonly bundled with free software by developers instead of charging a price.

    The malicious nature of adware can vary enormously. At one of the scale, adverts are displayed in a non-intrusive manner in a window within the free program you have downloaded. When the program is not running, ads are not displayed. At the other end of the scale, a user could find their desktop overwhelmed as the adware program spews out multiple pop up ads in a very aggressive manner. Whilst it may be possible to believe the former is not transmitting personal data to a third party, it is difficult to expect the later not to.

    The adware issue is further complicated by marketing companies who do not like their software being labelled “spyware.” These marketing companies generate millions of dollars of income often via recognised brand name clients. So to avoid legal issue security companies refer to this software as PUPs (potentially unwanted programs).

    Browser hijackers are another aggressive form of spyware. They attack important browser settings like your default homepage which your browser loads when you start the program. Hackers direct you to sites which generate revenue for them like the Russian website “Cool Web Search”. Browser hijackers can also insert sites into your bookmarks. They also can cause your browser to crash and stop working completely and are typically difficult to remove.

    Key Loggers capture all your key strokes into a DLL file which the creator retrieves. Software key loggers are often bundled with a Trojan Virus which gives the creator access to your computer.

    Here are some tips and strategies to fight the different types of spyware.

    - Keep Windows XP and ALL your web browsers (including Internet Explorer and FireFox) up to date with the latest patches.

    - Install a reputable anti-spyware program like Webroot Spy Sweeper or PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Run frequent scans and keep the definitions up to date.

    - Install a reputable anti-virus program like Norton Anti-Virus or McAfee VirusScan. Run frequent scans and keep the definitions up to date.

    - Install a firewall which manages both inbound and outbound connections. Top personal firewall software picks include Zone Labs’s Zone Alarm and Norton Personal Firewall. Alternatively purchase a router with a hardware firewall.

    - Avoid downloading free software programs including screensavers and weather toolbars.

    - Avoid known high spyware risk area on the internet including illegal music sharing sites, Peer-to-Peer programs, free game download sites and adult sites.

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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    iTunes Now Has Video!

    The Best Jukebox : The Number One Download Store

    iTunes now offers over 3,000 music videos and select television shows. This is added to the two million and counting songs it already has in its data base!

    Always your one-stop music shop, the iTunes Music Store features music videos and TV shows to buy and own forever. So while you browse more than 2 million songs, 35,000 podcasts and more than 16,000 audiobooks, you can also preview and download that classic '80s video or the latest episode of "The Office." Watch everything from the comfort of your Mac or PC, as many times as you like. No stuttering video streams, no advertisements, no hassle. Then sync all your songs and videos to the new iPod and take them with you wherever you go. Grow your digital music and video collection fast, easy and legal at iTunes

    iTunes: All Your Music, All In One Place


    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Best Rated Laptops of 2006

    This year’s best rated laptops seem to have one thing in common. They are all called Apples. They have taken this honor from several leading computing and electronics magazines, and the trends in sales seem to suggest that consumers are feeling the same warm way about them, too.

    "Presenting MacBook Pro, the most revolutionary notebook in Mac history."

    Laptops such as the PowerBook and iBook have helped Apple stand tall among the other major players in the computing world, such as Dell, IBM, Compaq, and HP. In 2004 alone, Apple announced that it had an overall net income growth of 300 percent. That equaled a profit of $295 million in the last quarter. If you own Apple stock, that must make you smile.

    Single computer model sales show the same trend. For instance, the iPod desktop version disappeared off the shelves at the rate of 4.5 million per year. The iMac tripled its sales. It share of the international market may still be lagging behind, though. Dell still has top honors with 18 percent of the world market. HP comes in a close second with 16 percent. And in a distant third, IBM brings in 6 percent of the share.

    Still, Apple is getting the press lately that could put a dent in those figures. First of all, Apple won the 2004 Readers’ Choice Award for the brand with the most impact on an international scale. It beat out Google, which had been the winner for two years running.

    No matter what awards for best rated laptops or percentages of the world market that Apple acquires in the next few years, you can rest assured that the company will continue to put out the innovative high quality products that are its signature.

    free shipping


    Just take the software that is featured on its Apple laptops and desktops. Such marvels of application design as iPhoto and iTunes make Apple so popular just because these programs are so useful yet so easy to use. Try saying that about the software that comes standard with most other MP3 players or digital cameras. It’s this simplicity and power that make Apples some of the best rated laptops around.

    As reported on Best Rated Laptops and Compuers:

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Upgrading the Sound on your Home Computer

    Computers these days are becoming more than just an avenue to surf the web and do word processing. They are becoming multimedia stations that allow us to watch movies and listen to the latest music. Especially with new solutions such as renting DVD's online and pay per download music downloading programs. This is why having good sound on your computer is important for the best possible multimedia experience.

    There are two ways you can increase the quality of sound coming from your computer. I will discuss both.

    The first would be to upgrade, or get a new, sound card for your computer. The quality of the sound signal being sent from your computer is determined by the sound card. Also the amount of channels that are being sent, and the number of connectivity options you have. This is why having a good quality sound card is important. There are several cards on the market that can deliver a great listening experience.

    The second way to enhance your sound quality would be to get a quality set of speakers. There are an infinite number of options you have in this regards. You can get a standard 2 speaker system, a 2.1 speaker system (2 speakers and a subwoofer), a 4.1 system and the ultimated 5.1 system. The most enhancing system would be the 5.1 system.

    Multimedia Speakers

    The 5.1 system consists of 5 speakers and a subwoofer. The subwoofer will deliver the bass and the low frequency sounds. The other speakers would be positioned strategically around the room to give the best array of sounds.

    Computers today are not the simple machines they were years ago. They have the capabilities to be a lot more. With this in mind utilizing these capabilities will be very cost effective. Now you do not need to buy a stereo system and a television. A computer can fulfill both these duties.

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  • Friday, March 24, 2006

    Exactly What is the iPod?

    Special Deals_135x205

    White earbuds, hmmm, iPod, MP3--What does it all mean? A1-Computers--

    If you ask 10 people to explain what an iPod is, you’ll likely receive 10 different answers; and all of them will likely contain some element of fact and logic. Introduced by Apple Computers in 2001, the iPod is technically defined as a portable music player; and even this doesn’t do it justice.

    As you’ll see (or perhaps know already from your own experience), the iPod is so much more than a mere convenient way for you to listen to music while on the go.

    These things SELL!

    The iPod is the #1 seller of legal digital music and digital music devices.

    And just what does it take to be #1 in the highly competitive personal entertaining business? Well, since its launch in 2001, over 3 million iPods have been sold; and counting.

    In fact, in a 3 month period from April to June 2004, almost over 850,000 iPod and iPod minis were sold. To put that into some kind of perspective, that’s almost 10,000 iPods/iPod minis per day. And if that doesn’t make you go WOW, that’s 398 per hour, or just under 7 per minute – of every hour, of every day, for 3 months!

    It’s no wonder, given these awesome sales total, that the question most people ask these days isn’t: are you getting an iPod, but rather: where is your iPod?

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    Mia LaCron is the founder of - - devoted to helping individuals get the most out of their Ipod.
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    Friday, March 17, 2006

    The Laptop Is Not Enough

    COMPUTERS--there is always somthing new!

    Jason Lee Miller
    Staff Writer

    Published: 2006-03-16

    Special Deals_135x205

    It wasn't so much that we loved James Bond. We wanted to be James Bond. He had some serious gadgetry, and unlike fellow gadget-chucking hero Batman, 007's suave style of lewdness earned him a license to thrill-incessantly.

    Even if some of us (you, not me) haven't mastered the art of flitting from flower to flower, all of us can soon take advantage of micro-technology that lets us flit from computer to computer, complete with finger print bio-security and LCD readout. All we need now are secret compartment wingtips, a poison-dart watch, and (why not complete it?) an armored Maserati.

    The next wave of mobile computing will be USB-based open-source programmed computers. Last week, FingerGear upgraded its Computer-On-a-Stick (COS) to include an LCD and Onboard Fingerprint Authentication for added security. The Professional Edition COS uses a USB Flash Drive to allow users to plug into a host computer and, well, take it over-with your own background and instant messenger to go with it.

    The device comes pre-installed with a Linux operating system, OpenOffice Suite, Evolution Email, and Firefox Browser, among others. Compatible with PCs that use an x86 processor, the open source software is compatible with proprietary applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

    Why open source? Keeps those pesky licensing fees down while allowing the computer to work virtually everywhere. The Computer-On-a-Stick is proving popular. Every version, from 256M to 2G is currently sold out.

    FingerGear isn't the only company capitalizing on this technology. There are others, including BlackDog's similar offering.

    Looking for Computer sales, specials, and coupons?

    document.write("Email WebProNews here.")
    Email WebProNews here.

    Wednesday, March 15, 2006

    New iPod Accessories

    By Jason Hahn

    With the ever-increasing popularity of the iPod and all its various forms, it follows that more and more accessories will become both important and appealing to iPod owners. Here are three new accessories that iPod owners may want to consider purchasing. . .

    Go to New iPod Accessories to see what the new accessories are.

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    Cleanout Spyware, clutter, unnecessary files, errors and Increase speeds by 300% with System Mechanic. Find and fix stubborn errors, clean up junk and debris, optimize Internet and download speeds, ensure personal security, and maintain your computer for peak performance.

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    Sunday, March 12, 2006

    How To Find the Right Laptop Backpack For You

    You have spent a lot of money on your laptop. You want to make sure you have the best way of carrying it with you. Laptop backpacks have become the trendiest answer to this need. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect laptop backpack.

    Banner button

    First consideration in finding the perfect laptop backpack is comfort. If you're not happy with the way it feels on you then you really are not going to care about the other features. Make sure your laptop backpack manufacturer has taken your comfort into consideration. Simple things like a variety of choices on how you can wear the straps show that the creator was thinking of comfort.

    Another big consideration is padding. No matter how far laptops have advanced they are still fragile pieces of equipment. Accidents do happen. Make sure your laptop backpack is equipped with enough padding to protect your expensive cargo.

    Next on your laptop backpack consideration hit list should be workmanship. You bought a laptop because of its portability and that means you want to take it everywhere. Make sure your laptop backpack can handle an extended period of use with little wear and tear.

    Another important but often overlooked aspect to consider in your search for the perfect laptop backpack is creativity. Laptops come with a lot of accessories and more are being created every day. Make sure your laptop backpack has lots of compartments for all these little, but important, extras.

    Finally, if budget allows, look for the wow factor. Laptop backpack manufacturers are starting to add things like water-resistant outer fabric and closed-cell shock absorption foam padding for the laptop backpack owner that has everything.

    So now you have the essentials needed to go out and find the best laptop backpack for you. Have fun.

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  • Wednesday, March 08, 2006

    Why Buy a Dell Laptop?

    Buy a DELL Now!

    One of the most well known brands on the market are Dell laptops. Of course, this comes from a lot of advertising. But their quality goes a long way in explaining why they are so big in the IT world.

    Let's take for example the new Dell Inspiron 6000. This is a high powered notebook that features the so-called Sonoma chipset which happens to be the latest Intel processor. Now, this chipset is strictly for mobile computers, so it is specifically designed to make sure your laptop works as optimally as possible. This involves the best in battery power life, the fastest graphics for gaming and multimedia, and wireless connectivity.

    As far as wireless technology goes, these Dell laptops pack the latest technology. For example, they offer the optional Bluetooth for you business users out there. Of course then there is the standard 10/100 ethernet card and Wi-Fi access, so you can use your card in wireless hotpsots at home, in your local coffee shop ar at work.

    Here are a few other accessories that round out the connectivity of these computers. It has an IEEE 1394 port, a Firewire port, an S-Video port and four USB ports. Now, if that's not enough, the Inspiron 6000 also has a slot for Secure Digital Memory cards.

    Now, no matter how many digital cameras, music players, personal digital assistants (PDA's), or cell phones you have, your Dell Inspiron 6000 notebook will have enough access for all of them.
    This computer also has a big brain! You can choose from either a 1.30 GHz Intel Celeron processor or the 1.60 GHz Pentium processor. As far as hard drives go, they also come in a selection of ranges from 30 GB to 80 GB. You can also pack the computer with optical drives like a DVD double layer burner or a writeable CD/DVD combo.

    What does this mean for the layperson? All these numbers and abbreviations mean only one thing, no matter what you need your computer for, there are Dell laptops out there that are perfect for the task.

    I have had nothing but Dell computers in my office as well as my home and I will continue to buy them and recommend them. Not just because they are excellently made computers, but because Dell stands behind their products in price as well as service.

    Just to give you an example of the Dell Service, I purchased a Dell Desktop last year for my office, one of many. This one computer did develop a problem with the DVD drive. I could read DVD's but I couldn't burn one. I called support they responded very quickly and while I was on the phone with them the technician had me run some tests. The DVD unit was found to be defective. The technician offered to send me a new unit by next day air or have a technician come to my office. I chose the latter, and the technician showed up within 24 hours replaced the unit and had me up running. Now for me I couldn't have asked for better or faster service.

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  • Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    Refurbished Laptops Hitting Record Sales

    Refurbished Laptops and Desktops for that matter are such a great deal! Up to 60% off and you still get the same warranty and quality. I see no down side here!


    Just when you thought a new computer was too expensive something exciting happens. Something called "refurbished". Computer equipment is getting better everyday. Technology is far exceeding everyone's expectations and the durability and reliability is ever increasing. For this reason refurbished laptops are selling faster today than ever before! People are starting to realize they can save up to 60% off the retail value and still get an awesome laptop computer.

    Why are refurbished laptop sales on the rise? Companies are getting overloaded with equipment that is used, but not very old. Individuals that have extra money to burn and simply must have the newest of everything are trading in their old computers for new ones. Instead of just throwing it away, corporations are refurbished them to make available to the more savvy person. All the same great replacement parts go into a refurbished notebook computer, but the savings are tremendous.

    This word of reconditioning computer equipment is spreading like wildfire. Many refurbished dealers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep products in stock because people are simply buying them so fast. These hot items are in serious demand.

    Refurbished laptops are not the only thing selling like hotcakes right now either. There are several different products that are flying off the shelves like crazy. For instance, refurbished palm pilots, MP3 players, desktops, and printers are just a few. Technology all around is getting better. Top companies are producing the highest quality merchandise and they are also reconditioning products to last longer and perform better.

    Some of the best computer companies in the world like IBM, Dell, HP, Gateway are all refurbishing computer equipment with highly skilled technicians with the most sophisticated equipment. Now when you buy refurbished notebooks the quality is brought up to the same high standards of a new one, without the high cost.

    For the most part, many of us will never use all the capabilities a new laptop has anyway. Refurbished laptops are very comparable in performance and features, so why would anyone bother paying the large sticker price of a new notebook computer? It's hard to say. Refurbished laptops come with Windows OS, have blazing processor speeds, ample memory, and the list goes on and on. Of course the refurbished laptop computer has been used, but most of the time it is really hard to tell.

    Being able to justify reasons to buy new over reconditioned is getting more difficult to do. Refurbished laptops offer the same features and reliability a new one does, but one major difference- the price! Buying, or updating your old computer equipment just got much more affordable thanks to new and improved technology and better refurbishing techniques. It's hard to keep up with our ever changing world, but it doesn't have to be expensive.

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    Friday, March 03, 2006

    Want to make your computer run like new again?

    Cleanout Spyware, clutter, unnecessary files, errors and Increase speeds by 300% with System Mechanic.

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    System Mechanic® 4 has 18 separate utilities for your PC.

    Find and fix stubborn errors, clean up junk and debris, optimize Internet and download speeds, ensure personal security, and maintain your computer for peak performance.

    Version 4 contains new and improved tools such as a boot-time defragmentation tool; a universal software uninstaller to completely remove applications; Startup Guard to prevent rogue programs from automatically starting with Windows; SafetyNet, and much more!

    A powerful suite of utilities, you get:

    () System Mechanic's optimization tools speed up, streamline, and make your PC faster and more efficient.

    () System Mechanic's PC repair tools are designed to fix stubborn and annoying computer problems.

    () System Mechanic's cleanup tools assist you in cleaning up unnecessary clutter and debris from your system.

    () System Mechanic's security tools help you protect and secure your computer and
    sensitive information.

    () System Mechanic's maintenance tools easily maintain your computer to keep it smooth, fast, and error-free.

    System Mechanic is simply the smartest way to solve computer problems!

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    Tomorrows MP3 Digital Music -

    Small with Tons of Storage, Larger with a Video Screen, Which Will The Futhure Bring?

    Tomorrow's MP3 digital music - will it be small with tons of storage, larger with a video screen, or non-existent and end up in a cellphone.

    Changes in the market will likely split into all three markets the way as stated in the title above. Most of it really depends on the Americans and Europeans and which continent will be more aggressive in marketing. Basically Europeans tend to like their gadgets in one source. But Americans seem to have more than one gizmo on them. Music players probably will not get much smaller because they are at the limit of there usability.

    Future of digital music

    Flash memory players may eventually not be able to keep up with the hard drive mp3 players due to manufacturers working on potentially offering more storage where 5 to 10 gigabit players will become available on the hard drive end. Going forward, they could be all about video and image playback just like they are now all about music. This will not move forward until manufactures and software companies are convinced their copyright is secure since being such a new area in music development.

    Future music around the house

    More music digital video will eventually change music listening at home. Manufactures are constantly creating devices to take music from a computer and have it play hi fi digital music on your home stereo. There are a few wireless systems currently available on the market, like the wireless music centre from Phillips, the Sonos digital music system, or Microsoft's media center extender. Apple also has it own product called airport express. All of these can stream wireless music around your home.


    For more information on iPods

    Daryl Plaza is the owner of Everything About MP3s - a website focused on helping people learn more about MP3 players. For tips and information on MP3 players and accessories, music downloads check out this website.
    Article Source:

    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    New At The Apple Store Today!

    The Apple Store announced today the new iPod Hi-Fi as well as a new Mac mini with Intel!

    iPod Hi-Fi!

    An all-new high-fidelity speaker system that works seamlessly with the iPod to remake the home stereo system. Featuring seamless integration with all iPods through the dock connector, iPod Hi-Fi even recharges your iPod automatically when you have it docked and it is easily controlled with a remote control!

    Now you can turn your iPod into a home stereo for the twentyfirst century.

    If you buy now you get free shipping but only at the Apple Store.


    Also unveiled today was the Mac mini with Intel.

    The new Mac mini with Intel Core Duo processor, delivers performance up to four times faster than its predecessor and provides even greater expansion in the same innovative and incredibly compact design. Starting at just $599, the Mac mini is the most affordable way to enjoy iLife® '06, the next generation of Apple's award-winning suite of digital lifestyle applications, and features the Apple Remote and Front Row : you can play your music, enjoy your photo slideshows, watch your DVDs, iMovies, music videos and television shows all from across the room!

    The Mac mini will make it easy and affordable to work with digital photos, movies, music, and the web. And now it all happens with the blazing speed of the Intel Core, in either Solo or Duo configurations.

    From $599. Free Shipping, Available Now!


    With Mac mini, Small can be beautiful!

    For more information on buying a new computer be sure to check out our computer directory near the middle of the page for our recomended online resoruces to get the best deals on your next computer.

    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    Why You Should Learn Computer Building

    Wow, would'nt it be great to get your dream computer and for much cheaper than you have ever dreamed?! Well, read on because it is very possible! A1-Computers--

    Supper Deals of the week at TigerDirect

    I was doing a little looking around at several different computer systems. I really took an interested in the DELL XPS computer system. Dell’s XPS computers starting price for the basic system is a whapping 999.00 dollars. I was totally dumb founded after looking at the components that Dell was going to put in that computer system for that kind of money it wasn't a very good deal at all.

    What most people fail to realize is that if you look at the basic or standard components that are put in the computer system. That is what you get. If you want more your price tag will go up considerably. The price tag on Dell’s top xps system starts at 1800. 00 dollars. That is again for the standard components that are more improved then there basic modal but still not a good value if you look at the big picture.

    Just recently a friend of mine asked me if I could build him a computer system equivalent to the dell XPS 600 modal. There top XPS computer, and how much it would coast. That’s when I started looking at there system because I really have no reason to look at the computers on the market because I build my own computer. Ever since the first thousand dollars I wasted on an assembly line computer that I won’t go into at this time.

    After looking at what was offered in the XPS 600 modal I was able to go to my computer hardware source and find competitive components or even better components then what was offered in that computer system the (XPS600). Also I was able to use some of the computer parts that were in the system that this system was going to be replaced with. I was able to come up with a considerable savings of more then 700.00 dollars.

    I built this computer system for my friend who is a real on line gaming nut. He is very happy and I made 200.00 and what was left of his other system. Just to give you an idea. Here is a little bit of what I was able to put in this computer system. A duel core AMD 4600 processor, a gigabyte PCI 16 Express motherboard with sli technology, Also a 7800 256 NVIDIA pci express card along with 1 gig of hyper X DDR ram, and a plextor DVD burner. A 250 gig serial ata hard drive with 8 Meg cach, and I was even able to give him his own OEM Full version of XP Windows PRO. Not an installed version that you have to pay for if you ever need it. I put all this and a few other little extras in an Aspire X- Paider aluminum black case with a 500 watt power supply. With an open side panel and 4 led lighted fans. Really puts on a show just sitting there.

    This computer system was a gaming system I put together for a friend of mine. You can build a basic computer for your basic needs, and save yourself a lot of money. If you have a computer you can use parts that are on it, and upgrade your computer for less than 300 dollars. Remember this and that is in this world you can ether get what you pay for. Or pay for what you get. The choice is yours.

    For more information on buying a new computer visit our website. Be sure to check out our Dell Coupons and our sales and online specials page to get the best deals on your next computer.

    Robert Emler: I build computers as a hobby. It’s not my job and it’s not what I do for a living. I do it because it’s fun and interesting. And I don’t want to get ripped of by some shop because I don’t know what I have. It’s like the hot rod car owners. That’s their hobby, and a lot of them have some really sweet cars. So they must know what their doing. Learn to build your own computer or at least take the time to find out what your computer is all about so you don’t get taken advantage of some day. All most all computer shops will charge you $50 just to take the side off your computer system. To learn more about your computer, or even how to build your own personal computer, you can. Just go here to answer any questions. You can also eMail me at
    Article Source:

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    The World's first OS X virus hits Apple

    By John E. Dunn, Techworld

    As Reported On Techworld on 16 February 2006

    Apples Mac OS X software has been hit by a mischievous instant messaging virus the first ever to target the platform.

    The virus, dubbed Leap-A by anti-virus company Sophos, is said to spread using Apples iChat IM service, forwarding itself as a file called latestpics.tgz to an infected users buddy contacts.

    Clicking on the file allows the malware to install and disguise itself as a harmless-seeming Jpeg icon.

    Leap-A is believed to have originally been posted on a website for Apple users, posing as a software update. Although the virus is benign, and is not believed to be spreading in large numbers, it still marks a minor landmark for a platform that has come to be seen in some quarters as immune to such mundane security issues.

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    Its probably been written for publicity or as a proof-of-concept, said Graham Cluley of Sophos. "Some owners of Mac computers have held the belief that Mac OS X is incapable of harbouring computer viruses, but Leap-A will leave them shell-shocked, as it shows that the malware threat on Mac OS X is real," he said.

    Cluley said that some Apple users were claiming that Leap-A was somehow not a real virus because it required the victim to click on the link, an objection he branded as ridiculous. Many PC viruses needed user interaction to set off infection, he pointed out, and this was no different.

    Despite being aimed at Apple users, the virus follows broader trends in attempting to spread by way of instant messaging, the new application target of choice. This is seen as a less protected channel, and therefore a point of vulnerability.

    Although this is unlikely to be the last virus aimed at Apple users, it has a mischievous old-world feel to it. As with PCs, an increasing number of the platforms security concerns now revolve around exploiting specific software vulnerabilities rather than code that aims to spread mayhem as well as itself.

    Adware/Spyware Remover - Free Scan!

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  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    Your Computer Needs Backup

    Save, Save, Save and save often! That is what my Graphic Design Professor always drilled into our heads in college, and he was right. It is always when you least expect it and you've been working hard and then, boom, its gone and you want to kick yourself because you knew better, you knew you should have saved it! A1-Computers—

    The Best Values on Multimedia Drives

    It doesn’t matter if you paid $500.00 or $2000.00 to purchase a new computer for your home or business you will defiantly want to have some kind of insurance and backing up your computer is the best form of protection there is. An interesting fact is that in the business world the data your computer holds is more important than the computer itself!

    When anyone buys a computer today they are most likely to be using windows, the most widely accepted operating system on the market. Windows comes with a software utility called backup that lets the user copy all their files and other data onto various media. It is recommended to backup your computer once a week, but if a lot of data is added within a couple of days or so you may consider so daily. First and foremost a backup should include your system settings and important files, and then you can pick and choose to copy e-mail, favorites, pictures, ECT or make a full backup to cover everything.

    There are problems with backups of the human sort. It pains me to say some people (even professionals) are lazy or inconsistent when it comes to backups. They either forget or simply don’t bother until it’s too late because the backup was not updated to include their current data this oversight can ruin a business! Some people will also neglect to have in place having any sort of labeling system for past and current backups with dates, times or other crucial information. If you are backing up onto magnetic tapes like floppy disks (these are not practical anymore because they only hold about 1.5mb of data), you should keep them away from anything that can produce a magnate field like motors, phones and power supplies also keep them away from excessive heat, cold and moisture.

    The media used depends on factors like cost, time, type, and connivance of use. The most common type of media backup used is CD-R and CD-RW the first one is cheap but you will use a lot of them for a full backup because they hold only 650 MB of data. The second is more expensive and has the same limitations (as CD-R’s), but has the ability to be written on again and again (Re- Writeable). Both of these will not be able to hold video files.

    Another way to go is by using a DVD-R or DVD-RW disks that can hold around 5 GB (GigaBites) of data an can hold digital video files as well. (That’s my personal favorite).

    Zip drives are also a preferred storage device that can hold 750 MB and also external hard drives that up to 150 GB. There are other types of data storage media, these are just a few.

    What it boils down to is everyone should use there backups correctly, use the best media for your present needs, but also try to anticipate what you might need in the future.


    For many more computer tips.

    Robert Hanania is a student of the internet, learning about home based businesses and computers. I am currently promoting my web page. All are welcome to visit me at

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    How to Increase Your Computer Speed Fast

    Here is a great article to get your computer cleaned and moving quicker with a few simple clicks! A1-Computers--

    I'm sure you've come across tons of articles and even suggestions from some of your friends on how to get your computer to work faster. Its really not that hard to increase your internet speed. I'm going to make it real simple for you and you don't need to be a computer geek to make this work. The first thing you need to remember is to never, and I mean absolutely never download programs especially free software without reading the fine print. Most free computer software will bombard your computer with spyware which will eventually bring your internet speed to a screeching halt! If your computer is already infected with spyware you can download the leading spyware remover called ad-aware which will scan your computer and remove spyware and tracking cookies from your computer.

    Adware/Spyware Remover - Free Scan!

    Another way of making your computer and internet connection faster is by clicking on start, then run and typing in msconfig. Go to start tab and remove any program except your antivirus software and any other program which you must have start when windows starts. This tip will increase your computer start up time dramatically!

    Step number 3, and I do this almost on a daily basis is to clean up your internet cache. Go to your control panel which you can access from your start button and click on internet options. Go to temporary internet files and clear your history. I would recommend that you also set internet history to a maximum of 2 days. Next step is to delete your temporary internet files including offline content. Last step is to delete cookies. Be careful though because deleting your cookies will also delete useful information from your computer. You can read a how to on cookies here

    These steps are the basics you can take which will speed up your internet connection immediately. I would also recommend doing a virus check on your computer on a weekly basis. If you don't have antivirus software, get it! You'll be happy you did. Just one virus can wreak havoc on your computer! Make sure you test your internet speed whether its broadband or dial-up, before and after you take these simple steps so you can compare if these steps you've taken have worked. Taking these basic steps will make you a happy surfer and will restore your faith in the World wide web!

    $5 Off McAfee Security VirusScan Software, The leading anti-virus product on the market.

    For more computer tips

    About the author:Gio Mangano is the owner of offers Instant quotes on T1 Line and business DSL. Gio Mangano also publishes a blog on computer tips and tricks and improving your internet speed at

    Circulated by Article Emporium

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Introduction to Tablet PCs

    The Tablet PC is a notebook or slate-shaped mobile computer that is approximately the size of a paper tablet. It gives us portability, flexibility and usability that are changing the way we work with our computers. Its touch screen or digitizing tablet technology allows the user to operate the computer with a stylus or digital pen instead of a keyboard or mouse.


    Tablet PCs will have two formats: the "convertible" model with an integrated keyboard and a display that rotates 180 degrees and can be folded down over the keyboard, and the "slate" model with only a screen and pen. They can use external wireless or USB keyboards. The most popular convertible tablet PCs are the Acer and Toshiba. The most popular slates are the Motion Computing/Gateway Computers, Fujitsu, and HP/Compaq.

    Many Tablet PCs use a Wacom digitizer, which delivers pen-position input to the computer at a fast rate. Tablets with these digitizers project a small magnetic field above the screen that interacts with electronics in the tablet's stylus. The user therefore is able to rest their hand on the screen without affecting the image or mouse pointer; only movement of the stylus affects the mouse pointer.

    Tablet PCs became available to the general public with the introduction of Microsoft's Windows Tablet PC Edition in the fall of 2002. Before then they were used in small markets in industry, medicine, and government. Now they are used by students and many professionals.

    Let us now have a look at the improvements in Tablet PCs:

    •The battery life of Tablet PCs has increased a great deal. This gives us more freedom to do what we need to do when we need to do it. We're free to take our computers into meetings and classrooms and to take notes the way that's most familiar, by writing. Centrino technology has improved. This means that more powerful processors can be used with little or no loss of battery life compared to lower powered CPUs.

    •Better wireless support allows us to log on to networks more easily than ever, with built in firewire. All this convenience comes packaged in a 3 pound computer that's not much bigger than a paper tablet.

    •Those who don't type have the option to use handwriting, can use keyboard to enter data. Others may prefer speech input, or a combination of both. We're free to take our computers into meetings and classrooms and to take notes the way that's most familiar, by writing.

    •Tablet PCs are lighter than the majority of notebooks. Most weigh about 3 pounds or less. Size is also smaller, with the Tablet PC about the size of a paper tablet. Some of the newer Tablets have larger screen sizes or built-in drives. These can increase the weight considerably.

    •The Tablet PC uses a low or ultra-low voltage CPU chip that's actually considerably faster than its "number" indicates. This also improves battery life. With the introduction of the Intel Centrino and Dothan, the Intel-based Tablet PCs will be comparable with faster desktops. As an example, according to Intel, a Centrino 1.6Ghz processor is comparable to 2.4Ghx Pentium4-M.

    •Some Tablet PC models are including a CDRW-DVD drive within the unit. Some have USB or firewire models available. There are also third party drives available.

    •The Tablet PC can use the pen technology in PowerPoint presentations, etc. These annotations can be saved for future presentations or erased completely. Using a Tablet PC with a projector allows the presenter to annotate slides, etc as he speaks.

    •The Tablet PC can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. A touch of the button changes it instantly. There's no need to reboot.

    •Tablet PCs generally use a 1024x768 screen resolution. High-resolution displays and Microsoft's Clear Type display technology make the Tablet PC an excellent reading platform. Video is also improving with one model offering a resolution of 1400x1050.

    •Some Tablet PCs offer fingerprint scanners for increased security. There are also 3rd party devices such as USB pen drives that contain a security lock. Without the pen drive, the information on the Tablet PC is irretrievable.

    Tablet PCs are changing the way we use computers. They’ll continue to do so and in more ways than we’re currently envisioning. As this year progresses, expect to see more innovations in features and size and even more availability and features galore, including dual core processors and better graphics.

    For information on purchasing a cheap laptop visit our website. Be sure to check out the Laptop Directory for our recomended online resources to get the best deals on your next laptop.

    Robert Scheer researches and writes about Tablet PC computers for

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    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Apple unveils another iPod

    Now is the perfect time to get your new iPod; check out the new lower prices! A1-Computers--

    By: AP
    February 9, 2006

    Special Deals_135x205

    San Jose, California: Apple Computer beefed up its iPod product mix on Tuesday with a new 1-GB version of the nano and lower-priced Shuffles.

    The pencil-thin, flash memory-based nano now ranges from $149 (Rs 6,600) for the new 1-GB model to $249 (Rs 11,000) for the 4-GB model. Previously, the 2-GB nano was the lowest-capacity and least expensive model at $199 (Rs 8,800).

    Apple also cut the prices of its Shuffle players. The 512-MB version dropped from $99 (Rs 4,400) to $69 (Rs 3,000) and the 1-GB model was discounted from $129 (Rs 5,700) to $99.

    Get the new 1 GB iPod Nano at the Apple Store, US. Free
    engraving & shipping.

    As reported on Mid Day News

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    What Really Causes Your PC’s Poor Performance

    It is so important to keep your computer maintained to keep it in quick running condtion! After all who likes a slow computer. Read on to see what slows 'you' down and how you can keep your computer moving. A1-Computers--

    What Is Really Behind Your PC’s Poor Performance
    By: The Bug Doctor

    Keeping a computer running smoothly and quickly is a never-ending job. It seems like no time after you take your brand-new PC out of the box, your computer starts acting up and performing more like the old PC you got rid of than the new one it is supposed to be. While this is extremely frustrating, it can be prevented if you know what is causing your PC’s poor performance and how to fix the problems behind it or avoid them in the first place.

    The nastiest things that corrupt your PC are the things you can’t see. Nasty bugs like viruses, adware and spyware can wreak havoc with your system without you even being aware of it. At their most lethal, viruses can completely destroy your PC’s operation, but normally they just work to interfere with the daily operations of your computer. Adware and spyware, on the other hand, stay running in the background of your PC and can slow it down considerably.

    Adware/Spyware Remover - Free Scan!

    Here’s a closer look:

    · Computer viruses are PC software programs that you accidentally download to your computer through an email attachment or other type of download. Once installed on your computer, a virus can interfere with your PC’s operation; record, corrupt or delete data; and spread itself to other computers through your network or the internet.

    · Spyware and adware are software programs that you download onto your computer along with many other software applications. This software is then used to track your online browsing habits so that you can be “hit” with pop ups that you will be more likely to respond to. Not only is this software an invasion of your privacy, it also can compromise your data and affect your PCs performance.

    Not only can things that you download from the internet onto your computer affect its performance, software that is already installed or software that you install through your CD drive can also create problems. You see, some software that you have on your PC stays running in the background even if you are not using the program. This can dramatically affect your PC’s execution times, especially if there is more than one hidden program running. To see if you have programs running in the background, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time. The box that pops up will show you all applications that are running.

    Other things that can affect your PC’s performance include a hard drive that is too full, not enough memory to perform tasks and a fragmented hard drive. All of these problems can be solved by performing routine maintenance on your PC or purchasing a software package that does it all for you. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need to manually go into your Windows System Tools and launch each program. Here you will find several system optimizers to help you free up your disk space, defragment your PC, and detect and repair disk errors.

    Even the process of adding and deleting programs can affect your PC’s performance. When you install and uninstall Windows programs, they leave behind parts or applications that can slow down your computer. You may even unknowingly delete a file needed for other software applications. This can result in a minor glitch or a complete failure with some programs or even your whole system.

    Keep Your PC Performing Like New

    One of the first things that you should do to protect your PC’s performance is install a firewall if you don’t already have one and use adequate security software to prevent intrusions. You should also have additional spyware and adware detectors if your security software does not have them.

    You can also purchase additional software that will keep your system optimized on a regular basis and take care of all of the problems that we talked about. This is an advantage over doing it yourself because it is very easy to forget to perform maintenance, and let’s face it; who has time to manually perform all of these functions?

    You should also get a free hidden error scan to see if your PC is operating with any hidden errors that can ruin your PC’s performance. Since 94% of computers do have hidden errors, yours probably does too, but hidden errors are easy to eliminate with the right software.

    With all of these things that can affect your PC’s performance, there is no wonder that it continually loses efficiency over time. But you can prevent it, if you stay on top of it.

    For more computer tips

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    About the Author: Written by The Bug Doctor The Bug Doctor will fix hidden bugs and errors on your PC and restore lost performance and speed that is lost over time.


    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Multi-Monitor Solutions You Can Afford

    Benefits of Multiple Monitors
    There has been much ado as of late about the benefits of increased desktop space. Multiple studies have shown that more computer desktop space equals faster work, greater productivity, and increased employee satisfaction. Most computer users would agree that there’s a certain amount of frustration connected with constant window switching and a miniscule desktop.

    Technology for the Everyman
    With droping monitor and multi-port video card prices, the possibility of having multiple monitors for your computer is no longer a rich man’s fantasy. There are any number of affordable solutions and possibilities for those looking to reap the benefits afforded by increased desktop space.

    Two Ports are Better Than One ?
    First you should purchase a multi-port video card that supports multiple monitors. Most new mid-to high end cards will have at least two out ports and will support two or three monitors, while some specialty cards will support up to four. Video cards come in a couple of flavors (DVI and VGA), so you can either scratch the high-def itch or use your old VGA monitor. Some may even have both types on the same card.

    Two Cards, Better Than One?
    Another possibility is to run two separate video cards off of your motherboard. There are some limitations to this option. First, both cards must have chips from the same manufacturer. That means that you can only pair up two ATi or two NVidia cards. Also, the two cards have to use a different type of slot (AGP and PCI, for example). The only exceptions to this are cards that feature special technology allowing dual video cards to be paired up, like NVidia’s SLI technology, for example.

    Add an Extra Port to Your Laptop
    Laptop users have a different set of solutions. Most newer laptops come with some sort of video out option, so you can pair up your laptop screen with an external monitor to get an instant dual-monitor setup. If you’re looking for more, however, the VTBook DVI PCMCIA card is a great option. This expensive, yet impressive solution creates an additional DVI-D port using your laptop’s PCMCIA cardslot. This port can be split using special dual head cables, allowing you to gain up to 3 additional monitor outputs.

    Split the Signal with the Matrox DualHead2Go
    For those looking to go with something a little bit more economical, there’s the Matrox DualHead2Go, a unique product that splits your signal externally, enabling multiple monitors with a completely external, hardware-based approach. This solution has been geared heavily towards business travelers who are looking for a way to experience the benefits of a multi-monitor desktop while on the road. One of the best features about this Matrox adapter is that it requires no hardware installation on the laptop itself, and the split video signal experiences absolutely no degradation or signal loss. Matrox has also included an online compatibility guide, so you can make sure it’ll work with your setup before you buy.

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    Nathan Kartchner works in Product Development for Sewell Direct, an online retailer specializing in connectivity and audio/visual solutions, such as the Matrox DualHead2Go and the Splitronic Broadband Aggregator.
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  • Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    Notebooks Sales Have Passed Desktop Sales In The U.S.

    We Americans love our mobility; and the new numbers prove it.


    The numbers are here, the U.S. is a notebook country.

    As reported on ZDNet News on February 1, 2006 the sale of notebooks has passed the desktop in retail for the first time ever; according to a new report from the Current Analysis. In 2004 notebooks sold were 43 percent of the United States retail sales and desktops accounted for 57 pecent. In 2005 notebooks sold 50.9 percent and while desktops accounted for 49.1 percent of retail sales.

    These retail figures exclude the sales of large resellers to corporations and direct sales from companies like Dell. The US accounts for only about 9 percent of the worldwide market.

    Low prices are the main reason for the growing sales of laptops. Many manufacturers are now offering high performance notebooks for about $1,000 and base level notebooks can be bought for around $499-$699.

    For a more in-depth story on this visit ZDNet News:


    For more articles on cheap laptops

    Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Dell Coupons Codes

    A1-Computers has added two money saving pages for you today. The first page is all the current online only sales for all different brands of computers and computer accessories. The second page is Dell Coupon codes. These codes give substantial savings on Dell Computers and Dell Computer accessories. These codes are constantly updated so you always get the current savings.

    1. A1-Computer's Specials, Sales, Coupons and More!

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    Enjoy your savings!

    Monday, January 30, 2006

    Why Build Your Own Gaming Computer?

    As long as you do your research and get a good quality book you can build your own gaming computer and it's really easyer than you may think!

    The best way to get the gaming computer that you want, that will provide optimum performance is to build your own computer. If you think you do not have the technical knowledge or are not capable of building a computer you are wrong. I'm pretty certain that I could teach my mother (who has a hard time working a VCR) how to build a computer. If you can plug a sweeper into a wall outlet and use a screw driver, you too can build a computer.

    What The Computer Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know!

    Manufacturers don't want you to know how easy it is to build a computer because they make their living selling complete computers. The truth is that manufacturers focus on selling a computer with an overall low price tag to entice people to buy. They use the processor and software as the primary selling point. In most cases other than the processor and maybe the graphics card you have no idea what components they actually use. Alienware is one of the rare exceptions. They tell you for the most part what components they are using. However, this doesn't mean that these are the best components on the market. Every manufacturer gets regular visits from sales people convincing them that they should use their products. Just because a company gives them the best deal on a power supply that allows them to increase their profit margin on the computers they sell doesn't make it the best power supply. This often leads to the use of inferior products for the sake of profit.

    The Advantages To Building Your Own Computer

    By building your own computer you are assured of getting the highest quality because you have painstakingly researched every component. If you've ever wondered why your store bought gaming computer with the top of the line graphics card and ultra fast CPU is still having trouble running newer games, it is likely because they stuck you with an inferior power supply, cheap motherboard, inadequate RAM, and the list goes on. In my mind it makes sense to build your own.

    Warranties and Technical Support

    If you are worried about warranties, you need not be. In most cases you can get a manufacturers warranty on every component you buy. As for technical support, I've had much better luck with getting questions answered through friendly helpful forums on the internet than I ever have from technical support lines. Not to mention you don't have to pay to sit on hold.

    Buy a DELL Now!

    Upgrades Are Painless And Fast

    When you build your own computer upgrades are a snap. You've already put it together so switching a hard drive or changing the graphics card is extremely easy. For instance I just upgraded my graphics card. It took me longer to unplug everything from the back of my tower than it did to swap the graphics card. All in all I was up and running with the new drivers installed in about 10 minutes. If you are impatient like I am taking your machine to a store to have it upgraded just isn't worth the wait.

    How To Build Your Own Computer

    I hope I've convinced you to build your own computer. It is a very rewarding experience. As I've said it isn't very difficult. I do however recommend that you do your research. There are several good books published on the topic such as "Build Your Own PC", by Morris Rosenthal. You can also find a great deal of information regarding building computers and computer hardware at my website Good luck with your computer, and remember, if you ever run into problems building it there are thousands of people on the Net that are more than willing to help, and they won't charge you a technician's service fee.

    For more information on buying a new computer . Be sure to check out our computer directory near the bottom of the page for our recomended online resoruces to get the best deals on your next computer and parts to build your own.

    About The Author
    Nathan Holsing is the editor of, a website that provides information on computer hardware, buying guides, and tutorial on how to build computers.

    Thursday, January 26, 2006

    How to Extend the Battery Life on Your Laptop Computer

    Here are 2 great battery power savers for you to put to use right away to stretch you batteries life between charges. A1-Computers--

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    Without any Extra Power Sources

    Laptop computers are great portable offices, and as technology increases and speeds of computers increase, we are seeing battery life also increase and provide longer usage time with out the need to be "plugged in."

    But occasionally, as business travelers, who need to be plugged in, it can be hard to find an outlet and one may be stranded to only use the internal juice in your computer.

    Most laptop batteries last about 2 hours on a full charge, but I found a couple of creative ways to turn those 2 hours into 3 or even 4 hours of pure usage time, with out having to buy more gadgets to fill up or weigh down my briefcase.

    Here are two really simple things you can do, to prolong your power on your laptop and get more usage out of your charge.

    1. Turn off your wireless transmitter

    When you are using your laptop with your wireless transmitter, it is always looking for a signal. So by disabling it, in an area where you cannot get any internet access via wireless, it will actually conserve your battery life.

    2. Lower Your Screen Contrast

    Most people don't think about this one.

    But if you usually have your laptop monitor set at the highest and brightest contrast, your computer is working the hardest.

    If you simply lower your contrast in half to make it less brighter, you will find you can still see the interfaces on your computer very well.

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    By doing this in a bright area, you may have trouble if your bightness "whites out" too much.

    But in a dark airplane for example, lowering your contrast and brightness in half can actually make it easier to see your screen and make it less bright and even more enjoyable for your passenger sitting next to you, to not have a bright laptop light shining in their face.

    Using these two simple powersavers can possible let your laptop power cycle jump from 2 hours to 3 or even 4 hours.

    For more computer tips and information on buying a cheap laptop

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