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Monday, January 30, 2006

Why Build Your Own Gaming Computer?

As long as you do your research and get a good quality book you can build your own gaming computer and it's really easyer than you may think!

The best way to get the gaming computer that you want, that will provide optimum performance is to build your own computer. If you think you do not have the technical knowledge or are not capable of building a computer you are wrong. I'm pretty certain that I could teach my mother (who has a hard time working a VCR) how to build a computer. If you can plug a sweeper into a wall outlet and use a screw driver, you too can build a computer.

What The Computer Manufacturers Don't Want You to Know!

Manufacturers don't want you to know how easy it is to build a computer because they make their living selling complete computers. The truth is that manufacturers focus on selling a computer with an overall low price tag to entice people to buy. They use the processor and software as the primary selling point. In most cases other than the processor and maybe the graphics card you have no idea what components they actually use. Alienware is one of the rare exceptions. They tell you for the most part what components they are using. However, this doesn't mean that these are the best components on the market. Every manufacturer gets regular visits from sales people convincing them that they should use their products. Just because a company gives them the best deal on a power supply that allows them to increase their profit margin on the computers they sell doesn't make it the best power supply. This often leads to the use of inferior products for the sake of profit.

The Advantages To Building Your Own Computer

By building your own computer you are assured of getting the highest quality because you have painstakingly researched every component. If you've ever wondered why your store bought gaming computer with the top of the line graphics card and ultra fast CPU is still having trouble running newer games, it is likely because they stuck you with an inferior power supply, cheap motherboard, inadequate RAM, and the list goes on. In my mind it makes sense to build your own.

Warranties and Technical Support

If you are worried about warranties, you need not be. In most cases you can get a manufacturers warranty on every component you buy. As for technical support, I've had much better luck with getting questions answered through friendly helpful forums on the internet than I ever have from technical support lines. Not to mention you don't have to pay to sit on hold.

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Upgrades Are Painless And Fast

When you build your own computer upgrades are a snap. You've already put it together so switching a hard drive or changing the graphics card is extremely easy. For instance I just upgraded my graphics card. It took me longer to unplug everything from the back of my tower than it did to swap the graphics card. All in all I was up and running with the new drivers installed in about 10 minutes. If you are impatient like I am taking your machine to a store to have it upgraded just isn't worth the wait.

How To Build Your Own Computer

I hope I've convinced you to build your own computer. It is a very rewarding experience. As I've said it isn't very difficult. I do however recommend that you do your research. There are several good books published on the topic such as "Build Your Own PC", by Morris Rosenthal. You can also find a great deal of information regarding building computers and computer hardware at my website Gaming-Computers.net. Good luck with your computer, and remember, if you ever run into problems building it there are thousands of people on the Net that are more than willing to help, and they won't charge you a technician's service fee.

For more information on buying a new computer . Be sure to check out our computer directory near the bottom of the page for our recomended online resoruces to get the best deals on your next computer and parts to build your own.

About The Author
Nathan Holsing is the editor of Gaming-Computers.net, a website that provides information on computer hardware, buying guides, and tutorial on how to build computers.


Thursday, January 26, 2006

How to Extend the Battery Life on Your Laptop Computer

Here are 2 great battery power savers for you to put to use right away to stretch you batteries life between charges. A1-Computers--

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Without any Extra Power Sources

Laptop computers are great portable offices, and as technology increases and speeds of computers increase, we are seeing battery life also increase and provide longer usage time with out the need to be "plugged in."

But occasionally, as business travelers, who need to be plugged in, it can be hard to find an outlet and one may be stranded to only use the internal juice in your computer.

Most laptop batteries last about 2 hours on a full charge, but I found a couple of creative ways to turn those 2 hours into 3 or even 4 hours of pure usage time, with out having to buy more gadgets to fill up or weigh down my briefcase.

Here are two really simple things you can do, to prolong your power on your laptop and get more usage out of your charge.

1. Turn off your wireless transmitter

When you are using your laptop with your wireless transmitter, it is always looking for a signal. So by disabling it, in an area where you cannot get any internet access via wireless, it will actually conserve your battery life.

2. Lower Your Screen Contrast

Most people don't think about this one.

But if you usually have your laptop monitor set at the highest and brightest contrast, your computer is working the hardest.

If you simply lower your contrast in half to make it less brighter, you will find you can still see the interfaces on your computer very well.

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By doing this in a bright area, you may have trouble if your bightness "whites out" too much.

But in a dark airplane for example, lowering your contrast and brightness in half can actually make it easier to see your screen and make it less bright and even more enjoyable for your passenger sitting next to you, to not have a bright laptop light shining in their face.

Using these two simple powersavers can possible let your laptop power cycle jump from 2 hours to 3 or even 4 hours.

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Finding The Best Laptop Accessory

Are you a laptop lover? Someone your shopping for is the notebook toter? Well find below some great ideas on where to purchase some great accessories. A1-Computers--

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Where can you find that gift for the laptop owner in your family? I have found that the best gift for anyone who really is into something, like his or her laptop, a good accessory is a great gift. So for that laptop lover in your family, think about a laptop accessory to give for a gift. It is a toy and tool all in one for the person that seemingly has everything he wants. So where do you find that perfect laptop accessory for your family member or friend? There are a number of places you can look for one. Check the internet, computer stores, and department stores to find what you are looking for a price you like.

The first place you should go when trying to find that perfect laptop accessory is the internet. The internet is such a great source for all shopping, but it is especially good for finding computer accessories. There, you will be able to look at the laptop accessory you are considering, read reviews about it from others who have bought the product, and even have it sent to either your home or directly to the person for whom you are buying it. All in all, the internet may be not only your first, but also your best destination for finding the perfect laptop accessory to give next time there is an occasion.

The next option you have as far as seeking out that laptop accessory that will wow the laptop lover in your family is your local computer store. Electronics and computer stores often carry many accessories in addition to the computers and laptops they have in stock. There, you will be able to talk in person to an expert who can tell you what laptop accessory will be the best to get for your friend or relative. They will also be able to tell you how to install it, whether or not it is compatible with the laptop your recipient is using, and obviously how much it is going to cost you. It may be a great way for you to really get informed about and go ahead and purchase the laptop accessory you need.

Thirdly, you can always check your local department store to see if they have a laptop accessory that will work for your friend. Many stores are now carrying the accessories even if they don't carry the laptops or PCs themselves. You may not get the expert advice you will get from a computer store, but you will likely get a better price since there is no salesman needing a commission. Your laptop accessory price may also not be as good as what you will get online, but there will probably be a better return policy and you can actually see the product and hold it.

No matter what you decide on, a good laptop accessory will likely please your friend or relative to no end. He or she will greatly appreciate the ability to further customize and enjoy the laptop that he or she is so into. It is like a toy for them, but likely with a very useful and practical side as well. So, no matter where you pick up that laptop accessory, just make sure you do your research and get what works best for your situation.

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If you would like to view more of my articles on laptop accessories, please feel free to visit my website on computer accessories!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christopher_Luck

Monday, January 23, 2006

Parts of a Laptop: Batteries, Screen and CPU

The parts of a laptop and what makes it work; screen, mobile CPUs, media types, ac cord, and batteries. A1-Computers--

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Electronics and computers are very popular today so it is no surprise that more and more people are getting them. And as technology advances, electronics are becoming smaller and smaller and also portable. This is where we get laptops, or notebook computers.

Laptops use batteries to run the computer so you can make it mobile. You can take it anywhere you go. But there are other components aside from just batteries that are needed to make the laptop work. In case you don’t already know, we are going to go over the parts of a laptop and what makes it work.

It seems obvious but your laptop is also going to need a screen. The screen is the display that will show what you are doing on the computer while you are surfing the Net, using word processing or more. In the early days of laptops, they had very dim and hard to read screens but now they are bright and even come in wide screen and more. There are different options when it comes to your displays. You can go with dual-scan or active matrix.

Mobile CPUs:
But you already know there is more to the laptop than the display. The way the computer actually runs is going to be very important to your usage. You need a mobile CPU to make the computer actually run. Mobile CPUs use less power and they keep the machine fro overheating which is very important with laptops.

Media Types:
Laptops usually come with modular, or swappable, bays that allow you to remove the floppy drive, DVD drive and even the hard drive. There are many reasons why this is convenient for you. For example, if you use different media for storing data, you can easily switch back and forth between media types.

AC Cord:
The laptop is powered by an AC cord. This power supply allows the laptop to plug into a wall and a simple ordinary plug in. This makes it easy to plug your laptop in almost anywhere you go. The only downside is that many contain the power brick that can get in the way if you are working in a very small space. If this is a problem for you, you can look into more compact devices that will help you when you are working in a smaller space.

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You know that the biggest reason why someone gets a laptop is for the mobility. The greatest part of the laptop is the ability to use the batteries and travel anywhere with your computer. You can use the AC cord just to plug it in when you need to recharge the batteries. You can also get extra batteries as backup if you will be away from a power source for a while.

For more information on purchasing a cheap laptop visit our website. Be sure to check out the Laptop Directory near the bottom of the page for our recomended online resources to get the best deals on your next laptop.

About the author:
Melissa Knab is the owner of Batteries Pro, Inc. which is a premier source of information about batteries. For more information, go to: batteriespro.com

Sunday, January 22, 2006

How to Find Cheap Laptop Computers

Yes there are plenty of good deals on quality "cheap laptops" out there to be found, especially online. Just check out our specials, sales, and coupons page.

By Garry Allen

Ah yes, I want a laptop but I am not going to spend a couple of thousand dollars for one. Well guess what you don't have to. Laptop prices have come down dramatically over the past year alone and they will continue to do so as technology advances. But the trick here is to find good quality laptops that fit your needs at the cheapest prices available today.

I would say that there probably is a store near you right now that has cheap laptop computers. In fact, many stores already have them. The reason being, like any other new product, laptops were once considered the cream of the crop in the computer world which made them very expensive. However, all that has changed now. Laptops are a dime a dozen! The hand held digital assistants, Bluetooth cell phones and tablet pads are the new rage making laptop computers cheap.

Now, don't get me wrong, this does not mean that they are cheaply made. Thanks to the wonders of the technological cycle, laptop computers are decreasing in price as their capabilities rise. Of course, there are the latest and greatest monsters out there that are made for gaming or high powered multimedia applications and these babies still cost a pretty penny.

But for the average user, you can find cheap laptop computers that provide all the power you need and then some. Every major manufacturer out there, like Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, and IBM have their lower end and intermediate models that come with more than enough speed and usability.

Now here is the key to finding the right cheap computer laptop for you, and that is to figure out exactly what you need it for.

Are you going to use it mainly for surfing the web or word processing? Do you need it to work from home or mainly to save your MP3s and digital pictures?

Ok, so now you have an idea of what you want to use your laptop for. Now lets go out shopping and compare. You can visit any of the top manufacturers websites or visit your local store and find their low end or intermediate models that may suit your needs. The three top components of a computer you want to look for is the hard drive size, memory, and processor speeds and take notes of each model you find on each component and model.

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The hard drive, you can consider this the brain of your computer, this is where all your files, applications and folders are stored. If you plan on using your computer for MP3s and digital pictures your hard drive should be large since these files are usually very large. I personally would look at 80gb as minimum.

Next would be the memory, memory can be considered the thought processes of your computer. As a minimum I would look at 512mb but if you plan on using your laptop for gaming of course this should be much larger, in the area of 1 to 2gb. Now memory is used whenever a program or application is running. So the more memory you have the faster your computer can process the program.

And finally your processor, now your processor is just that it processes all the inner workings of how each program runs. The faster the processor is, the faster the program instructions are processed. Again if your looking for a laptop for gaming uses you want your processor with high speeds 2ghz or more. For other uses you can go less.

Other parts of the computer to also consider are the ports involved that can connect your computer to your digital camera or your mp3 player for example. You also want to check that your laptop has wireless and broadband connectivity. Many cheap computer laptops today already come with this but you want to make sure or you will have to pay additional, for example, a wireless card to install in your laptop to have this capability.

For more information on cheap laptops

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

PC viruses hit 20 year milestone

Virus-virus-virus, no one wants one, no one wants to deal with them, but if we have a computer on-line we don't have much choice but to protect it. How long have viruses been around? A1-Computers--

The 20th anniversary of the first PC virus falls this month.

$5 Off McAfee Security VirusScan Software, The leading anti-virus product on the market.

The 20th anniversary of the first PC virus falls this month. It was during the opening weeks of 1986 that the first PC virus, called Brain, was discovered in the wild.

Though it achieved fame because it was the first of its type, the virus was not widespread as it could only travel by hitching a ride on floppy disks swapped between users.

Now 20 years after they first appeared there are more than 150,000 malicious programs in existence.

Rapid attack

The origins of the Brain virus are disputed. It is thought to have been created by a Pakistani software firm to help protect the software it created and sold.

The virus was discovered in January 1986 but may have been written some time before that as it used a relatively slow method to travel.

Brain was known as a "boot-sector" virus because of the area on a floppy disk it hid on. By concealing itself in this region, the virus could ensure that it would be installed every time that floppy disk was used on another computer. The Brain virus is now extinct.

Although Brain was the first PC virus, it was not the first malicious computer program. That honour goes to the Elk Cloner virus written by Richard Skrenta which infected Apple II machines.

The term computer virus dates from 1984 and was coined by US computer scientist Fred Cohen.

Since Brain first appeared, the number of viruses and other malicious programs in circulation has grown enormously. Microsoft's Windows operating system is the favourite target of virus writers.

The growth of local computer networks, e-mail and the internet has fuelled this rise and now it can take only hours for a new virus to appear and infect thousands. There are also many different types of viruses that use varying attack types to infect machines.

The reasons people write viruses has also changed.

"The most significant change has been the evolution of virus writing hobbyists into criminally operated gangs bent on financial gain," said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at Finnish anti-virus firm F-Secure.

This week the FBI released figures which suggest that 84% of US businesses were attacked by viruses, spyware and other malicious programs in 2005.

On average, dealing with the attack cost US businesses $24,000, said the FBI.

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As Reported on The BBC News

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Not Due Until 2007

Windows XP Service pack, will it be out soon? It isn't looking that way. What is the hold up? A1-Computers--

By Mary Jo Foley January 17, 2006

Microsoft Corp. has gone public with a tentative date for its third service pack for Windows XP. And that date—the latter half of 2007—is considerably later than many company watchers were expecting.

Microsoft has published the due date for Windows XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) on its Windows Lifecycle Web site.

While Microsoft characterized the date as "preliminary," it is still as much as a year later than a number of customers, partners and industry analysts had been anticipating.

Last April, according to at least one Web report, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Microsoft was considering releasing SP3 before Longhorn (now Windows Vista) shipped.

Windows Vista is expected to ship in the second or third quarter of 2006.

Microsoft also has published "latter half of 2006" as the tentative release date for the second service pack for Windows Server 2003.

The "preliminary" due date for Windows Server 2003 SP2 (Service Pack 2) date jibes with what industry experts were expecting.

Microsoft has not made public an official list of planned fixes (and new features, if any) that will be part of either the Windows Server 2003 SP2 or Windows XP SP3 releases.

Read the full story on Microsoft Watch: Windows XP Service Pack 3: Not Until 2007

As reported on E-week.com

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Take 4 Steps To Secure Your Thumb Drive Data

USB thumb drives are a handy way to store important files. Lately, they've become a very popular way of transporting data between home computers and work or school. Unless you pay attention to security, they can create big problems.

You might know them as flash drives, key drives or jump drives. They plug into a computer's Universal Serial Bus port and can hold anywhere from 16 megabytes to a whopping 8 gigabytes of data. And they're more resilient than DVDs or CDs. (Related item: Ask Kim)

The greatest benefit of thumb drives is their portability. They slip easily into your pocket. But that's also their greatest drawback. They're easily lost or stolen, jeopardizing your sensitive data. Also, they can transfer viruses between computers.

So here are four security tips:

1. Guard it carefully

Many people are careless with thumb drives. People often leave them lying around or attach the drives to key chains. How often have you lost your keys?

Better are ones that you can attach to a cord and wear around your neck. This won't appeal to the fashion-conscious, but it helps prevent loss or theft.

Some thumb drives have cords that connect to the drive's protective removable cap. Forgo these. You want one with a cord that connects to the body of the drive.

2. Watch out for viruses

Be careful when you connect your thumb drive to shared computers. Just like floppy disks, thumb drives can easily transfer viruses.

Make sure you're only transferring data. Any computer you connect the drive to should have anti-virus software running. Of course, the virus definitions must be current. The anti-virus software should scan the drive as soon as it is connected.

If the drive isn't from a trusted source, don't connect it to your computer.

3. Encrypt your data

If your thumb drive falls into the wrong hands, your data is fair game. So it is important to protect your files.

Encryption will "scramble" your data. It can only be unscrambled with the correct password. Encryption that is 128-bit is very secure.

Many drives come bundled with encryption features. Double-check that the encryption software is not a trial version. Otherwise, you will need to pay to use it once the trial expires.

Once you set up the encryption software, get in the habit of using it. And don't forget to create a strong password. A combination of at least eight numbers and upper- and lower-case letters is most effective. Don't use an easily recognizable word, but make sure you can remember it — without writing it down.

If your thumb drive doesn't have encryption software, you can buy additional software. Programs like File Encryption XP (www.cp-lab.com, $30), Folder Crypto Password (www.folder-password-protect.com, $20) and Folder Lock (www.newsoftwares.net, $35) can encrypt your thumb drive files.

Additionally, some manufacturers make drives with biometric fingerprint readers. A built-in scanner reads your fingerprint before granting access to the drive. This provides excellent security. Expect to pay a premium for this feature.

Drives with biometric scanners require that software be installed on the computer. This limits where you can access your thumb drive. You might find yourself in a situation where you can't access your data.

4. Back up your data

Losing your thumb drive is painful, even when the contents are protected. So, back up your data!

You should always keep multiple copies of important data. This is particularly true when the storage medium is susceptible to loss or damage. Most thumb drives are made of plastic, which isn't always durable.

For more information on thumb drives

About the Author:
Komando hosts a national radio show about computers and the Internet. To find the station nearest you broadcasting Kim's show, visit: www.komando.com/findkimonair.asp. To subscribe to Kim's free weekly e-mail newsletter, sign up at: www.komando.com/newsletter.asp.

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Dell recalls 35,000 batteries worldwide

We here at A1-Computers recomend Dell Computers so we thought this was important for our readers. If you have purchased a Dell Notebook between Oct. 5, 2004, and Oct. 13, 2005 and have not heard about this yet please read this news artcle.

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Dell recalls 35,000 batteries worldwide
Action affects Dell notebooks sold between Oct. 5, 2004, and Oct. 13, 2005

News Story by Tom Krazit

DECEMBER 16, 2005 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Dell Inc. and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission announced a recall of about 35,000 notebook batteries that could potentially pose a fire risk.

No injuries have been reported from the faulty batteries. Dell has received three reports of damage to tabletops and desks as a result of the problem, it said in a joint news release today with the commission. About 22,000 of the batteries were sold in the U.S.

The recall affects certain Dell notebooks sold between Oct. 5, 2004, and Oct. 13, 2005. Customers who purchased the following models are advised to visit the Dell battery program Web site to check whether they need a new battery: Latitude models D410, D505, D510, D600, D610, D800 and D810; Inspiron models 510M, 600M, 6000, 8600, 9200, 9300 and the XPS Generation 2 notebook; and Precision M20 and M70 mobile workstations. The batteries were also sold individually and provided as part of service replacements, Dell said.

Customers can also call (866) 342-0011 toll free to determine whether their notebooks have the affected batteries. Users should have the identification number stamped on the back of the battery written down before they call or visit Dell's site, the company said.

Dell will replace all the affected batteries for free, it said.

As reported on Computer World.com

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Friday, January 13, 2006

Nikon's Focus Turns to Digital

Nikon, the Japanese camera and precision equipment maker, said Thursday it will focus on digital photography and stop producing most of its film cameras, except for a few professional photographer products.

"Nikon will discontinue production of all lenses for large format cameras and enlarging lenses. This also applies to most of our film camera bodies, interchangeable manual focus lenses and related accessories," it said in a statement on its British website.

The company expects stock of analog products to sell out in retail distribution in the summer of 2006.

Nikon is one of the two main camera brands for professional photographers and the company said it will continue to produce and sell the F6, its flagship film model, as well as a number of manual interchangeable lenses.

In addition, the manual FM10 model will continue to be available outside Europe.

Around 95 percent of Nikon's British sales are now generated by digital camera products and the firm has chosen to focus management resources on the fiercely competitive digital market.

"Demand for products that offer advanced features and extra value is continuing to grow," Nikon said.

Nikon is one of the few success stories left in the digital camera industry, generating relatively healthy profit margins while rivals such as Olympus and Fuji Photo Film continue to lose money on the business.

Quarterly operating profit at Nikon, the world's second-largest maker of digital single lens reflex cameras after Canon, came to 14.4 billion yen ($126.3 million), up sharply from 5.0 billion yen a year earlier, while sales rose 6.6 percent to 185.5 billion yen.

As reported on Wired News

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Apple Unveils Intel-Powered Mac Computer


Apple unveils the new iMac with Intel Core Duo Processor. Starting at $1299. Shipping now.

At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Apple Computer Inc.'s CEO Steve Jobs introduced the new iMac desktop and the new Macbook Pro Intel-based powered computers, months ahead of schedule. Jobs and Intel CEO Paul Otellini unveiled the new jointly designed computers.

The new iMac desktop runs on a new Intel Core Duo processor and clocks in two to three times faster than the old iMac powered by IBM Power PC chips. The MacBook Pro will come in two models - one with a 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo processor, and the other with a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor. It comes with a built-in webcam, a new MagSafe magnetic power connector that detaches easily when someone trips over the power cable, preventing any mishaps. Both models will have "Rosetta", a software application that allows all programs designed for Windows-based personal computers to run on the new Apples.

As Reported on The Manila Bulletin Online

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Discount Dell Laptops

Dell Outlet

Recent additions to Dell’s computer services division include low-cost used Dell laptop computers. These machines are generally sufficient for the Internet, e-mail, and word processing. One advantage is that, unlike other used Dell computers purchased from a friend or local computer shop, each computer stocked has received a complete inspection by certified computer technicians and has been restored and tested to like-new condition.

Dell guarantees that each used Dell GX110 computer purchased directly from them will be in perfect working condition. Dell supports this guarantee statement by providing each used Dell GX110 computer along with a 30-day replacement warranty. Also, a keyboard, mouse, and power cord are included with each purchase.

Each of these computer systems are formatted but are without an operating system but a preinstalled licensed copy of any Windows operating system is available at an additional cost. Dell also provides these in wholesale lots.

Most of these discount computers contain Pentium III - 866 MHz, 10GB+ hard drive, 128MB memory, integrated video, sound, LAN along with a keyboard, mouse, power cord.

The Dell Computer Corporation has also recently announced up to 10 percent price cuts on selected configurations of its LatitudeTM notebook. The Latitude notebooks provide manageability, reliability, and performance for business and institutional customers in networked environments.

Dell also provides excellent coupon codes that can help to save even more money on their already low priced computers, printers, monitors and accessories. In addition to Dell’s online coupon codes, they occasionally provide stackable coupons that allow the customers to use more than one coupon at a time. Stackable Dell coupons are marked to avoid confusion. Be sure to read the price points of the Dell coupons a number of times so as to qualify for an even greater discount if using the most appropriate coupon. Please study the rules and restrictions to check if they can be bought for the required purpose.

Refurbished Dell computers sold directly by Dell are excellent systems with good warranties. However, their prices tend to run a bit on the high side. Click on the button “REFURBISHED SYSTEMS” on their navigation bar to go to the Dell Outlet.

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  • Wednesday, January 11, 2006

    How To Easily Optimize Windows For Better Performance

    Do you have any of these computer problems?

    “My system is too slow.”
    “Look how much time it takes to install things.”
    “My system slows down while playing games.”
    “My software doesn’t function correctly.”

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    (Please do these computer changes at your own risk, be sure you understand what you are doing before doing anything! A1-Computers assumes no responsibility.)

    These are some very common statements uttered by PC owners. If you are having any of these problems here are some basic tips which can help you optimize the performance of your system by optimizing your operating system.

    Windows system optimization is the most basic tool which can maintain the performance of your system. You might be spending hours trying to adjust your CMOS settings, RAM frequency and even the registry setting of the windows. Well its time, you used some windows optimization tools for better performance of your system.

    Disk Errors
    Disk errors are most commonly prevalent in the majority of computer systems. And this is the most overlooked problem, even by computer professionals. You often escape the disk error scanning which pops up after a bad shutdown. Well if you keep on escaping the disk error scanning, chances are that your hard disk will develop bad sectors. These bad sectors will initially hamper the proper functioning of your system and then can lead to a hard disk crash.

    You should make sure that you always allow the disk error scanning option to run and correct any of the disk errors on your hard disk. Once a week you should also run the 'thorough scan' disk option which scans the hard disk for errors and corrects them. You should check all the partitions of your hard drive. You can access this option by right clicking on your hard drive (c: in my computer) partitions and select proporties and then select scan disk from the tools options.

    Temporary File Cleanup
    Cleaning the temp folder in your windows is essential to getting rid of all the unwanted internet files. These files are also the left-overs from the programs which you have uninstalled from the system or other unwanted files. If you do not delete the contents of this temporary folder, the files could gather up to 100+ MB of useless files. Also, you should delete these files because it would help to save the hard disk as well. To delete these files select the Run option and type %temp% and press O.K. After it displays all the files, select all and delete them.

    If you browse the internet with the help of explorer, the temporary cache files should be deleted from the temporary internet folder as well.

    Files which are stored randomly on your system tend to slow down its performance. Your system looks for the fragments of randomly distributed files from everywhere and eventually become slow. To bring back all the files of all programs together, use the windows de-fragmentation tool. This tool joins all the loose files and optimizes the performance of your window.

    The Paging File
    The paging file is widely known as the windows virtual memory file. This file is used by the system when the windows run short of the actual RAM. Windows keeps on increasing and decreasing the size of the page file, which in itself is not very efficient. This affects the accessibility of fragmentation of your files. You should rather define your own paging size. Select the minimum and maximum size of the virtual memory to be the same. A preferable size is about the double the RAM you have.

    By following these basic windows optimization methods you can maintain good performance of your system.

    For more computer tips

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    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    iPod Nano, Good Things Do Come In Small Packages

    By Lance Winslow


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    Have you seen the new ultra slim iPod Nano; this little cool gadget is a must have and it is not much bigger than a couple of business cards set end to end. When we all saw the first ads on the Intenet for the Innovative and High Tech iPod Nano on the various high tech gadget website, it was hard to believe, some thought is was not real at all, how could it be, where was the battery, where was the hard drive; how could this little contraption have that many songs? It seems now that most editors and personal tech writers are giving the iPod Nano the first prize for the 2005 greatest and most innovative gadgets.

    The iPod Nano comes with two different options; the 2 GB version which holds about 500 songs and the 4 GB, which can hold about 1,000 songs. Of course it is not cheap, but some say it is less expensive than they thought it would be starting at $199.00 and the prices go up from there. How thin is The iPod Nano? Well it is about a thin as a number 2 pencil and as powerful as floor size juke box and then some.

    It is three and a half inches by an inch and a half and weighs less than 2 ounces. The LCD screen is cool too, as it is very bright and about one and a half inches. Twelve solid hours of play for its battery life and it does have the new cool click wheel, which users love too, making it extremely easy to use. The iPod Nano has all the same ports and docking connectors like all the other iPods. And you know what? You need this in 2006.

    Personalize your iPod shuffle with iTunes

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