Monday, May 21, 2007

Space Effiecient 17" Monitors Are Now The Best Choice

Computer monitors have come along way in the past five years. Now even the larger ones are like space-savers compared to just a few years ago--

I've been using 17" computer monitors for years now. I think they're the perfect combination of affordability and functionality. 17" is large enough to provide a large graphical interface, big enough for playing games or movies, but still falling in a reasonable price range. The price between smaller monitors, such as 15" monitors, and 17" monitors is usually not very much, yet I've often found that it shoots up a lot going from 17" monitors to 19" or larger ones.

17" monitors are also good for saving space, especially if you are using the older CRT type technology. CRT monitors of any size are pretty darn big, and once you get into the 19" and beyond level you really need a lot of desk space to fit them. Personally, the extra two inches of monitor size in a 19" monitor just isn't worth the overall lack of room on my desk and the extra hassle in moving it around.

Of course, desk space is less of a problem with LCD monitors. 17" LCD monitors are extremely space effiecient, as well as 19" ones. I've noticed that LCD monitor screens tend to look bigger as well. I realize it's a kind of optical illusion and they aren't really bigger, but the 17" inches in an LCD seems to go a long way. The 17" inches is measured across the diagonal surface of the monitor, so any 17" monitors has the same screen size as any other, but LCD's seem to use it more effectively. Since the price on 19" LCDs is still pretty high, and the 17" monitors have become almost in line with their CRT counterparts, I think 17" LCDs are the way to go.

I don't think I'm the only one that feels this way either. I've noticed that 17" monitors seem to be a sort of standard for a lot of businesses. For a long time it was 15", but I really don't see as many 15" inch monitors these days. It seems like everyone is using a 17" monitor. Affordable and yet still fairly big, it's the right combination of luxury and practicality.

If you have the money to spend, and plenty of desk space, you may want to consider an even larger monitor. Of course, if you're not really using any graphical programs, don't play computer games, or ever watch movies on your computer, you have to ask yourself; do I really need it? 17" monitors are more than big enough.

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Manish said...

I think 17" monitor is good option than 15". Thers is not much diffrence in the prices of 15" and 17". I am also thinking to upgrade my pc To 17".

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