Friday, March 09, 2007

Giving a Slow Computer New Vigor!

Nothing is more aggravating then when your computer slows down. To pick the pace back up, you may need to take several differant actions aand have a look at your software.

Ofcourse your computer needs software. It is important to understand that there is a trade off with software. The more it does, the more it demands attention from your CPU. The more of it you upload on to your computer, the more of the demand grows. Most off the shelf computers are pretty weak when it comes to handling the demand. They may have fast CPUs, but it really doesn’t matter if the RAM memory is week.

So lets get started with some basic steps you can take: First, clear out your history on your internet browser. Go to “tools” and then “internet options” on the drop down menu. Now delete the cookies and files. Make sure to check the box to delete offline files, as your browser stores every internet page you have ever looked at. Next, defrag your hard drive. This is done by going to your start menu, then “programs”, then “accessories”, then “system tools”, then “disk defragmenter” or some similar name. If you haven’t defragmented the disk in months, this will really help.

The next step to speed up your software is to work on your registry. The registry is a collection of files associated with the fundamental workings of your computer. When the registry gets out of whack, it is like a car going out of tune. To tune up your registry, there are plenty of “free” programs such as WINASO. You can get a free 30 day trial and do the trick. You will be surprised how much faster your PC will work.

The next step to speeding up your computer is to get rid of programs with big footprints. A footprint is the amount of CPU resources required to run the program. The worst program ever for this is Norton Anti-Virus. Frankly, the programmers for Norton should be ashamed. The program runs when your computer is on and takes up so much space that your computer will run 50 percent slower than it should. It is terrible. Delete this dog if you want any speed at all. Replace it with something like NOD32, a better anti-virus program with a much smaller footprint. You will be amazed how much faster your computer will work.

Finally, take a look at how many programs have you loaded on to your computer? How many of them do you actually use? Go through them in your add/remove programs which can be found in your control panel. Then delete those that are rarely used. This will free up disk space and eliminate any silent running systems that take up your computer resources.

All of these changes can help your PC to start running faster.

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