Friday, March 23, 2007

Tips For Buying A Toshiba Laptop

You will find many Toshiba laptop reviews on the internet today, however, none of them tackle the all encompassing question of how exactly to choose the right Toshiba Laptop for you? The problem with any Toshiba laptop review is that it is looking at a particular Toshiba laptop such as the Toshiba satellite out of context of the rest of the models. As such, many Toshiba laptops reviews have looked at a laptop in it’s own merits without ever having the opportunity to try other models in the range which may be better.

A laptop is a personal purchase. People have different needs, and what is good for someone may not be the best choice for another. I have seen in more than one Toshiba laptop review mentioning that one laptop is the ‘best’ of the range/series/brand. Such claims are false and cannot ever be substantiated. Why you ask? Because a few years ago I bought a three thousand dollar laptop with all the bells and whistles, but after two months I realized it wasn’t what I wanted. It was way to big for what I needed, and the battery life was way too short, and I just did not want to be bothered using it for its intended purpose, so I bought a new one for half the price. It was so much better, not because of its specs on paper, and not because of what some reviewer had wrote about it, but because it was what I needed. So instead of listening to what is said in a Toshiba Laptop review, listen to yourself for once!

As most people know, Toshiba has been making quality notebooks/laptops for many years and this will continue, but rest assured that if you are buying one now, it will last you quite a few years. Technology is not moving as fast as you think it is. By all means read some Toshiba Laptop reviews, you should be educated, but don’t rely entirely on what someone else says. When choosing one model in opposition to another just keep in mind what you plan to use it for. Toshiba Laptop Reviews can only tell you so much, more important is your needs, your intuition and your idea of quality (which Toshiba is renowned for).

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